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About us

LDA Vjeverica Ltd. Drenovci is a place where entrepreneurs get all the information related to the onset and development of their business enterprises or trades, in order to promote small and medium-sized enterprises and the competitiveness of the economy.




  • Encouraging the development of all sectors of development and project application based on the established priorities for development
  • The establishment of cooperation with international and foreign financial institutions to foster entrepreneurship
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, research and development and business cooperation and commercialization of research results
  • Technical and consultative assistance in the implementation of the program of international and domestic cooperation
  • Consulting instruction for the management and financing of innovation and new technologies, development, implementation and application of projects
  • Organization of seminars, presentations and fairs
  • Market research and public opinion
  • Consultancy regarding the business and management
  • Organization and mediation in the construction of complete economic and other facilities
  • Business representation of foreign and domestic natural and legal persons

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